I’m Now a Senior Writer for Superintendent Magazine

As of this past Monday I am a Senior Writer for Superintendent Magazine, following nearly 10 years with Golfdom magazine.

I’ll be reunited with Larry Aylward, my former editor at Golfdom, who joined Superintendent Magazine over a year ago.

For the first time since my daily newspaper days, I’ll be a columnist. I relish the opportunity to get to choose a subject each month and let my opinion be known. I’ll also be regularly writing feature stories.

As always, I encourage you to send me any and all ideas for articles or columns.  Don’t be bashful. I’d rather turn down numerous topics than find out one great story wasn’t brought to my attention. You can reach me at AnthonyPioppi@gmail.com.

If you are not receiving the magazine, please send me your name, title and mailing address.







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