Swing Clips From The Masters

Some visual candy from a handful of the best players in the world, shot on the hallowed grounds at Augusta National Golf Club on the Wednesday prior to the first round of the 2011 Masters.  Be careful in trying to emulate any player’s set up or swing  precisely, as each human being’s strength, range of motion, joint mobility – to mention just a few relevant physical attributes – are 100% unique to the individual.  At the same time, there are characteristics that most good players share, addressed in the commentary below.

2009 British Open Champion Stewart Cink demonstrates wonderful posture and balance with this drive.  Taller players – and really, ALL golfers – take note of Cink’s stable position at address: bent from the hip sockets (as if bowing to the golf gods), knees flexed but not bent (this is golf, not a bar stool), arms hanging like ropes from shoulders (not ‘tight’ as if you were going to cut a loaf of bread on them), a bit more space between butt of club and legs/crotch (optimal for a driver, not so much for a short shot), chin out a smidgen – not tucked into his chest (stay PROUD in front of those golf gods – and away from bifocals), and weight distributed somewhere under his shoelaces (as if someone is going to come and try to push him over).  Although your body type may not be exactly that of Cink’s, adopt these set up elements and your results shall improve.

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