Want To Play Better? Check This At The Door.

Belong to anyone you know?

No one who plays golf disputes that this is one of the hardest games in the world to understand yet alone play well week in and week out. The game of golf has an unbelievable amount of variables to it…I think more then any other sport. Since the game was invented hundreds of years ago, players have all been looking for, chasing after and hoping to stumble upon that ever elusive “magic bullet,” that little something extra that will make them turn the corner in their game. To date, I have found nobody that has found it.

What makes golf so hard is their are 2 components to it: the physical side of the golf swing and the mental side of playing the game. I have quickly learned that you can devote 24-hours a day to either side and it’s no guarantee that you will improve in the least. Buy all the new clubs you want laced with all the up-to-date technology. Spend all the money you want on taking lesson after lesson with anyone who will offer to teach you. Read all the golf magazines you can and look at all the self-help videos that are out there until you go blind.

No my friends, these are not solutions to your problem of trying to get better at golf. The ONE AND ONLY problem you need to get rid of…and WE ALL HAVE IT…is YOUR EGO. Try doing that for a while and watch your golf scores plummet like a sack of old golf balls.
Wait…ME playing old golf balls? Are you kidding me.

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