Playing Better Golf

If you were to ask me what golf experience triggers the deepest moment for me, it wouldn’t be breaking 100 at Pebble Beach or getting to play Cypress Point.  Although those are great memories of beautiful courses for me.  What does stick in my head is ‘playing 18′ before work in after graduating business school.  I had developed a big golf habit and it required attention everyday.  I was working in St. Louis and my home course was the 9 hole Ruth Park municipal course.

Every morning I’d wake up at 5 and get to Ruth Park just before daylight.  I was driving my old restored Mercedes convertible.  The design point of the trunk must have been a set of golf clubs because my set fit perfectly with room for little else.  The cool morning air and the sound of the 1960s 4 cylinder engine still refreshes me.  I’d roll up to Ruth Park just before the sun appeared, tee off, and go looking for my drives in the first light of dawn.  In order to get a full round of 18 I’d play two balls at the same time.  It was heaven walking into work having already played a ’round’.

So one of the goals I set for myself as we started, was to become a bogey golfer.   I had a couple reasons for this.  First, I’ve found that as my scores came down in general the game was a lot more fun. Of course, the thrill of a great approach shot, drive, chip or putt is exhilarating but getting my scores below 100 meant a lot less looking for lost balls, less swinging, less loss of focus and more time to enjoy the folks I was playing with.  Golf became more of a game as opposed to some sort of strange gardening procedure with really expensive tools.  Also there are some real golfers in the group of writers I work with and I don’t want to hold anyone back in a round.  Plus I find a lot of the content we put up is really helpful and I can not wait to give it a try.  And there’s also a ton of great stuff on the web these days that makes understanding golf, golf strategy, chipping, putting, driving and equipment much easier to access.

So I’m going to put all of this to work and document it here on my site.  An everyday person’s guide to lowering their score and understanding how to play golf better and enjoy it more.

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