Callaway launching FT Optiforce metal woods

Callaway Golf continues to expand its metal wood line. The company has introduced the FT Optiforce line of drivers and fairway woods it says is designed to deliver speed and distance. The line will be available beginning July 12 and, according to Callaway Golf, feature several new and systematically-designed technologies to help increase a golfer’s clubhead speed, ball speed and, thus, overall distance.

Callaway's FT Optiforce driver

The FT Optiforce driver (suggested retail price $399) will be the first Callaway driver to offer loft and lie adjustability to optimize launch conditions. In a distinct approach, Callaway is launching two variations of the FT Optiforce Driver clubhead it says to help golfers find their optimal performance.

“Callaway has always placed the golfer’s performance first when developing clubs, and we feel strongly that one club head does not fit all golfers,” said Dr. Alan Hocknell, senior vice president of research & development for Callaway Golf. “Players using an 8.5-degree driver are fundamentally different than players using 12.5-degrees of loft, so with the FT Optiforce Driver we have optimized each of the two available heads – the 440cc and the 460cc – and adjusted critical elements like size, weight, center of gravity position, moment of inertia and others so that golfers have the best chance to optimize their launch conditions for better total performance.”

Hocknell said the FT Optiforce driver – based on its shape and construction – is tops among the fastest and most aerodynamically efficient driver Callaway has ever brought to market. The FT Optiforce, Hocknell said, has been measured with 23 percent less drag than a conventionally shaped driver.

The driver also features an Advanced OptiFit Hosel that Callaway says allows players to adjust the driver’s loft one-degree down or one- and two2-degrees up. The loft setting helps golfers adjust their launch angle and amount of backspin, while the lie — selected with the neutral or draw settings also contained within the hosel — will help golfers adjust side angle and sidespin.

Coupled with the differences in the 440cc and 460cc heads, Callaway said golfers of all abilities can set use the simple adjustability solution in the FT Optiforce to find their optimal launch conditions and ball flight.

The FT Optiforce fairway woods (SRP $299), according to Callaway, share similar construction to its popular X Hot fairway woods. The key differentiator for this series of fairway woods, the company said, is the higher trajectory golfers are likely to experience.


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