Cleveland Golf launches new custom-fit service for wedges

Cleveland Golf's popular 588 forged wedge

As a self-admitted wedge freak, there’s nothing better in golf equipment than a custom-fit wedge. After all, except for a putter, a player uses his or her wedges more than any clubs in the bag. And if you’re good with the wedges, you won’t even need the putter as much.

With that in mind, Cleveland Golf has launched its “MY CUSTOM WEDGE” customization feature for the 588 forged line of wedges. This customization feature is located on the company’s website at or

Cleveland Golf says the “MY CUSTOM WEDGE” feature offers consumers “unprecedented customization and personalization options.”  Those custom options will include:

*RTG (will rust over time) and Black Pearl (neither available in stores), as well as Satin.

*Custom Grinds (24 grind combinations)

*Custom Logos

*Custom Personalization Options

*Custom Paint Fill

*Custom Shaft Offerings

*Custom Grip Offerings

*Custom Loft, Lie and Length Options

*Custom “Skins” Offering

“MY CUSTOM WEDGE” offerings are available in all major lofts and will come with a certificate of authenticity and ball marker.


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