Norman says putting, like life, requires confidence

Greg Norman

Back in the day, Greg Norman was known more for his length than his short game. So it was a little strange to hear the Shark talk about putting at this week’s Humana Challenge – the former Bob Hope Desert Classic.  Norman, however, has never lacked for confidence, so in that regard, it’s no surprise that when he was asked about putting as one gets older, Norman (57 next month) answered with a lesson about confidence.

“I think anything in life, the older you get, the harder it is for you to deal with pressure in life.  Because our moods and our experiences dictate how we’re going to react to that pressure,” Norman said. “If you’ve been a very confident putter and a confident individual, you should be able to keep going and believe you can make putts, because technically and physically there’s not much going on with the stroke.  It’s the physical … it’s just your synapsis firing into your hands, saying, ‘Okay, can my brain tell my hands and my shoulders to rotate at the right speed and keep it smooth and accelerate through?’

“Sometimes that doesn’t work.  So it’s more of an electrical impulse in your head that really stimulates the things to go a little awry.  And that’s just pure confidence.”

It’s the same in life, Norman said.

“If you lose a little bit of confidence in life, whether it’s a bad economy or a bad relationship or bad business or whatever it is, you are going to lose that confidence until you get it back again.  So putting just, I think, really zeros in on those weaknesses that you possibly do have.”


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