Callaway’s RAZR Fit driver simplifies adjustability (VIDEO)

Callaway's RAZR Fit driver

Sometimes simple is better. That’s Callaway Golf’s philosophy in regards to adjustable drivers.  The company’s new RAZR Fit driver is far from being the first one on the equipment block, but it’s among the most simple for consumers to understand.

“In designing the RAZR Fit, we studied a lot of our competitors’ drivers and talked to a lot of consumers,” said Evan Gibbs, manager of performance analysis and club configuration for Callaway Golf. “Our objective was to offer simple adjustability that matters and adjustability that doesn’t sacrifice performance.”

Callaway has done with the RAZR Fit, the latest generation of its RAZR family – probably the best driver design the company has had in years.

”It was important for us to retain the performance characteristics and playability ability of that driver and add some adjustable features.”

The RAZR Fit Driver features Callaway’s OptiFit adjustability system that Gibbs said is designed for easy use and noticeable changes in trajectory for each of the six total settings. The system allows golfers to adjust the club’s face angle to three address positions—Open, Square and Closed—through the use of the “cog”, a rotatable element of the hosel that changes the angle of the shaft axis relative to the head.

The shaft does not rotate with the cog, Gibbs said, allowing shaft graphics and grip reminders to remain consistent when the face angle is adjusted. In the driver head, OptiFit weights (one weighing 12 grams and the other two grams) are featured in the sole’s toe and heal positions and can be exchanged to create a meaningful shift in the club’s center of gravity and a perceivable draw or neutral ball flight.

The crown of the RAZR Fit driver is made of Forged Composite, an advanced carbon composite material that saves weight and precisely controls the thickness of the crown. These benefits, Gibbs said, give the RAZR Fit driver a lower center of gravity, making it more forgiving on off-center hits.

“A lot of competitors’ drivers have dozens of settings that makes it very complex and intimidating for a lot of consumers,” Gibbs said. “Making such incremental changes really aren’t perceivable and measurable to the consumers.

“Ultimately it makes it harder for the consumer to find und the optimum fitting. What we did was simply it and make the changes measureable.”



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