Tiger Woods denies Norman’s claim he’s intimidated by McIlroy

Tiger Woods is known to give short answers to questions he doesn’t like, which doesn’t exactly narrow the field, but the Striped One was in rare form today at The Tour Championship when asked about Greg Norman’s comments he is intimidated by World No. 1 Rory McIlroy.

Tiger Woods

“It’s got to be the hair,” Woods said in reference to McIlroy’s dark mop top.

Eldrick added that he’s never been intimidated by other golfers.

“No one is the size of Ray Lewis who is going to hit me coming over the middle, so this is a different kind of sport,” Woods said. “We go out there and we play our own game.  And see where it falls at the end of the day.

“As I said, it’s not like you go over the middle and some guy is 255 pounds and going to take your block off.  This is about execution and going about your own business and see where tends up at the end of the day.  It’s just the nature of our sport, which is different than some sports. Some individual sports, such as tennis, you actually can do that physically, because you’re playing against somebody.  Here no one is affecting any shots.”


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