Bridgestone Golf debuts new generation of Tour B330 balls with Dual Dimple Technology

Bridgestone's Tour B330 golf balls

Bridgestone Golf today launched its next generation Tour B330 golf balls here at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. The four-piece Tour B330 and B330s now each feature Dual Dimple Technology (first seen in the Bridgestone E Series balls), larger cores and softer covers than the previous B330 models. The result, according to the company, is longer distance and better spin performance for players with swing speeds greater than 105 mph.

“We saw the dual dimple design improved aerodynamics and distance, so we thought it was a great technology to add to the new models,” said Brandon Sowell, director of marketing for Bridgestone Golf. “It great because it’s a visual technology consumers can actually see.”

In addition to enhanced aerodynamics, the new B330 and B330-S also contain larger cores than before. By gaining size in the core, Sowell said the ball’s velocity is increased and its distance performance maximized.

Sowell said the newly enhanced spin performance is a product of the balls’ softer Urethane covers. Compared to the previous models, Sowell said the Urethane covers of the B330 and B330-S are six percent and 13% softer, respectively. The resulting softness, according to Sowell, produces maximized spin and control on and around the green and enhanced durability throughout the round.

The new B330 balls feature a street price of $44.99 per dozen and will be available in March. A limited edition 2-sleeve pack (1 B330 sleeve, 1 B330-S sleeve) will be available for golfers wanting to try each of the new models. The trial pack will be available at retail in March at a street price of $19.99.


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