Nike Golf satisfies its need for speed with VR_S family of metal woods and irons

Nike Golf’s VR_S family of metal woods and irons featuring what the company calls “NexCOR Technology” has been in the works – off and on – for the past six years, according to Tom Stites, director of product creation for clubs at Nike Golf. The company is debuting the VR_S family at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando focusing o

The VR_S driver

n the NexCOR Technology it says is designed for slower swing speeds.

That pretty much goes along with one of the themes of this year’s show, which is that while speed is good, it’s better to know exactly what your swing speed is and what clubs work best for you within that speed limit.

Speed, however, is not just about how fast a player swings, but also about how fast the ball comes off the club face. The U.S. Golf Association regulates ball speed off the center of the club face but not (so far at least), how fast the ball can come off the wider areas of the club face – be it driver, metal wood, hybrid or iron.

That’s where NexCOR Technology comes into play.

“NexCOR Technology is about as much of the face as fast as possible,” Stites said.

That process, Stites said, was most difficult to achieve in the VR_S line of fairway woods.

“They have smaller heads and a very shallow,” Stites said. “The more shallow the face the more stiff it is. So actually loosening the face and making that fast was challenging.”



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