Boccieri Golf’s Heavy Putter models work well for belly putters (VIDEO)

Boccieri Golf's Heavy Putter

Steve Boccieri is as straight a shooter as there is in the golf industry. So when the inventor of the Heavy Putter talks putting, I listen. And when Boccieri talks belly putters, I listen even more closely. Boccieri Golf’s ability to quickly and easily convert any of its Heavy Putter models to a custom length have helped increase sales the past few months.

“Every putter that I’ve ever designed can be made into a belly putter,” Boccieri said. “Every head I create has enough mass to be made into a belly putter. You can’t take a regular putter that 320 or 330 grams and extend the shaft and put on a 130-gram belly putter grip. It’s just too light the putter becomes too inconsistent. It doesn’t maintain its plane.”

Boccieri said his company has three different weight categories so it can find a putter that can dial in to a player’s particular style of putting.

“Heavier typically goes well with a guy who has a longer stroke,” Boccieri said. “When you see people with a ‘pop’ style stroke, they typically need a lighter putter because they accelerate the putter quickly. If I give them too much mass, they can’t accelerate that mass.

“So what we do with the belly putter is the same thing we do with the regular putter. We add a back weight system to it, so we can actually find the weight that works best for you – not only your stroke speed, but where you carry your hands on the belly putter.”

The latter is particularly important, Boccieri said, because a player who switches to a belly putter basically has to re-learn how to putt.

“You can’t just say, ‘I heard about belly putters’ and go buy one and get it home and find out it doesn’t come with an instruction manual,” Boccieri said. “You need instruction on how to putt with one – or send five or six hours on a putting green – because it really does require a different style stroke than a conventional style putter.

“But I think once people try it they’ll find it does promote a tremendous amount of consistency.”

Watch Steve Boccieri describe the Heavy Putter design as it fits into belly putters.



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