The Happiness Project

Just how ‘happy’ are you on the golf course?  Most of us spend hours at this sport, and much of that time is wasted on frustration. Ask yourself a few honest questions about your golf experience:

-What do you love about golf? (make a list)

-When you are performing your best, what is it like?  How are you being on the course? What is your tempo like?

-When you are not performing your best, what happens?  Are you able to maintain a ‘neutral’ emotional level?

-Can you only enjoy golf when you are performing well?  For what reasons?

After doing some ‘self-discovery’, get creative with ways that you can nurture your passion and enjoyment of the game.  Practice this!  Create mental drills and challenges for yourself during each round.  Record an “emotional golf score” just like you would keep score.  Compare your score with how ‘happy’ you were on the course.  Is there any correlation? Any pattern?

Continually reminding yourself of your golf goals and why you play the game.  Focus on the aspects of the game that bring you joy.  Be aware if you are playing the way everyone else wants you to, or if you’re cultivating your own enjoyment of the game.
Once you discover your passion, your performance will improve, your scores will drop and your happiness levels will be off the chart.  Enjoy!

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