No More Flying Elbow

FullSizeRenderIf you are struggling with your right elbow backswing position, check your shoulder flexibility first.  Then use this drill to improve your swing.

  1. Start in your address position.
  2. Slowly take the club to the top of your backswing with both arms.
  3. Release the left arm (front arm) and hook the left hand behind the elbow and apply light pressure to bring the elbow back into the correct position.
  4. Hold for 2-3 deep breaths, sensing this new elbow position.
  5. Repeat until the desired position can be achieved with a normal swing without assistance from the drill. (*Modify if there is a shoulder or neck injury)

Dodie Mazzuca is the Director of Instruction at Troon Country Club in Scottsdale, AZ (November-April).  She also teaches golf in Santa Cruz, CA (May-October).

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