Side Plank for More Power!

Side Plank (Visisthasana) strengthens major golf muscles leading to increased power and distance.

Side Plank (Visisthasana) is a very advanced yoga posture that will strengthen many of  the major golf muscles.
Start with a warm-up series of postures such as sun salutations (Surya Namaskar) or cat/cow rolls.  Make sure your wrists and arms are prepared for the weight bearing challenges of side plank (if you have a wrist injury, try dropping to your forearm for the modified side plank pictured below). Gently move into Side Plank from Plank (the top of a push up) or Cat.  Sustain each side of the posture for 5-10 deep breaths.
Modified Side Plank (for sensitive wrists)
For golf, strong muscles on the side of the body (oblique abdominals) are essential for generating club head speed. This generation of power occurs during the start of the down swing and through the impact position.  Side plank targets the oblique abdominals making them stronger and more efficient. (It also strengthens the shoulders and wrist for injury prevention!)
All of these elements translate directly into more power and distance for your golf game . . .enjoy!

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