Flexible Shoulders For a Better Backswing

Ever feel “stuck” in your backswing?  As though your body will not allow you to rotate any farther?  You are not alone!
Most golfers with tight shoulders (especially the left tricep and deltoid) struggle with an incomplete backswing.    This leads to numerous swing issues:  poor timing, loss of power, “over the top” swing path, loss of posture, rushed tempo, etc.  You and your swing coach can spend hours trying to “fix” your backswing, but if you can’t physically rotate your shoulders and back (thoracic spine) while maintaining good golf posture, there will be no progress.


Try a simple stretch like Modified Arrow Arms to increase flexibility in your shoulder and triceps.  Stretch before, during and after you play to lengthen the muscle fibers.  You will notice a huge difference in your backswing and save yourself hours of frustration.

Stretch your body and you’ll have a more efficient, powerful golf swing.



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