“Personal Awesomeness”

Yes, as I bid farewell to Santa Cruz for the season, I have to ponder…What is it that every student wants to achieve with their golf game?  My prediction:  “Personal Awesomeness”

Each player has their own unique way of playing their best golf.  Just as two golf swings are not the same, it also applies to performance states.  Some play well relaxed and loose, while others like the drive of competition to make them tick.

So why would we want to fit a cookie cutter mold of the golf experience?  I encourage you to create your own joy, simplicity and gratification with the game. Discover the elements of golf that allow you the freedom to perform and enjoy your best golf every time.  Practice these components, get really, really good at them. . .and remember to always keep discovering your own “Personal Awesomeness”.



Dodie teaches golf in Scottsdale, AZ (October-May) and Santa Cruz, CA (June-September)


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