Get CONTROL. . .Of Your Golf Game

“Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.”     -Kahlil Gibran

Ever find yourself complaining about the weather, pin placements, course condition, competitors pace of play, other golfer’s “yacking”, etc.?

Now determine what you can do about the situation. Can you blow the clouds away and make the sun shine? Can you tap down all the horrendous spike marks in your line? Can you sew your partners mouth shut?  So why waist any time or energy on these factors that are completely out of your control?

There are so many aspects of the game that are 100% in our control.  For example, pre-shot routine, hydration, attitude, tempo, post-shot routine, balance, alignment, proper equipment, managing self talk. . .the list goes on.  So why waist any time or energy on features that we have no control over? There are plenty of elements in golf that need our attention that are 100% in our control.

The next time you notice yourself obsessing over circumstances that are uncontrollable, STOP the insanity! Re-focus on the things you have 100% control over. . .good for your golf game, and good for your life!

Dodie Mazzuca is the Director of Instruction at Troon Country Club in Scottsdale, AZ (Oct-May).  She also teaches golf in Santa Cruz, CA (May-Oct).  To contact Dodie visit:


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