Big night for Irish, Northwestern

Two minute drill

* Just wondering. . . will Abdullah make Nebraska Pelini-proof vs. Northwestern?

* I guess it’s true that Jameis Winston is a fine young man. Why else would he sign 2,000 autographs? . . . And if we doubt that, Florida State could find no evidence he received money. If that doesn’t settle it, then the cyber-attack I received on Twitter for questioning Winston’s Heisman-worthiness last fall makes it an open-and-shut case.

* I know why all the best college football games are played at night. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

* I will say it again: The only people who can pull off the all-white uniform are Penn State and Col. Sanders. . . . Everybody else looks like they’re in their underwear.

* Don’t let this get around: I can’t help but wonder what Illinois coach Tim Beckman is doing today.

* I’m still not sure how good Notre Dame is. You have to be very impressed by the Domers’ start, even if Michigan fans are yearning for Lloyd Carr and even if the Irish are lucky that Stanford game was a little too exciting.
That said, this season is starting to feel like 2012 all over again. Was that really only two years ago? It’s almost time to move Kelly up a notch or two on the appreciation schedule.
II the Irish win in Tallahassee, it will be their best road performance since they beat Oklahoma 30-13 in Norman right before Halloween two years ago. It’s no wonder that when Kelly was asked how FSU compares with the Alabama team that clobbered ND in the 2012 national championship game, he quickly said FSU is more like the Sooners.

* Enjoy the games. Don’t forget to nap before they start.

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