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Winter Skin Care

What IS this?  See the last paragraph.....

As golf season winds down and winter woes return to the northern U.S., don’t forget to take care of one… Read more »


Chef Ahoy!

Chef Ahoy in full swing at Gleaners Food Bank, Detroit, MI.

Tens of thousands of people in Metro Detroit are now receiving food pantry staples due to tough economic times.  Much… Read more »

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Food of Champions

GC food Sandwich

It comes as no surprise that fast food isn’t optimal for good health.    On road trips, it often cannot be… Read more »

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Skin Games

No danger of skin problems here......

DID YOU KNOW that your skin is your largest organ?  Yes, it is considered an organ and you certainly know… Read more »


Need A Doctor?

If the exam room door opens and you see this doctor, run.

You might be surprised to hear that on occasion, I listen to rap music.  As a professional musician, it’s important… Read more »