A Different Kind of Ball Drop

Secret Service Helicopter Ball Drop.....Game On!

Secret Service Helicopter Ball Drop…..Game On!

Sons of the Flag Executive Director: Former Navy SEAL Ryan Parrott

Sons of the Flag Executive Director: Former Navy SEAL Ryan Parrott

Despite a few boys behaving badly, the Secret Service is indispensable. Besides protecting presidents current and past from harm, the fine men and women of this elite organization also participate in charitable activities, including golf. On Monday, March 31, agents from the Secret Service will drop 1000 golf balls onto the fairways of Club Corp’s premier Hackberry Creek Country Club  in Irving, Texas during their sold-out 3rd Annual Charity Golf Event. All proceeds from this tournament will support the Sons of the Flag Burn Foundation, which provides critical support to military service members, first responders and civilians who have survived burn injuries.

Here’s how it works: Only 1000 golf balls will be sold and if your golf ball lands closest to the hole, you will win 1) a Callaway Secret Service Golf Bag, 2) a $100 Gift Card or 3) a Survival Bag. You do not need to be present to participate. To buy a golf ball online go to www.ssballdrop.com and you will receive a ticket with the number of your golf ball. Numbered golf balls will be dropped onto the golf course from a helicopter and the balls that land closest to the hole will determine the winners. Holders of the winning ball numbers do not need to be in attendance to win prizes. In the event of bad weather, three (3) numbers will be pulled at random to select the winners.

Sons of the Flag was founded in 2012 by former Navy SEAL Ryan Parrott, who suffered burn injuries in an IED explosion almost 10 years ago. Being burned is one of the most traumatic and painful injuries that anyone can endure and burn survivors typically have to tolerate endless surgeries with little gained each time. Severe burns are very expensive to treat and current technology using innovative surgical techniques is underfunded and not being implemented quickly enough. To learn more about Sons of The Flag visit www.joinsotf.org




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