Fairmont’s Fountain of Youth

Pose this question to any golfer and you’ll undoubtedly receive a resoundingly positive response:  “If there was a program that could possibly give you back the body and swing you had 10 or 20 years ago, would you follow it?”

Well, now there is.  Fairmont Turnberry Isle  in Miami, Florida, has teamed up with Pete Bommarito, of Bommarito Performance Systems, and USA Sports Therapy’s Dr. Matthew Cooper to create the ultimate golf and sports performance training facility, all at the resort’s Willow Stream Spa.  The fitness center currently houses everything – and everyone – needed to completely analyze the golf swing and the core characteristics contributing to the development of physical problems…..and what to do about them.

If executed correctly, the golf swing should not hurt.  When it does, many golfers are forced to choose between quitting the game or adapting, unhappily, to physical limitations which can lessen enjoyment of the game.

“Many people are incorrectly diagnosed,” explained Bommarito, regarded as one of the premier sports performance coaches in the U.S., and who actually instructs other trainers.  “Here, we are curing basic pain.  Quite often people are weak and afraid to get strong.  If body areas are fragile, you’ll compensate.  We can measure those deficiencies.”  Bommarito’s clients include over 200 NFL and NBA professionals whose livelihoods depend on quick and complete healing of injuries.  Mere mortals can also count on the same level of treatment as these elite athletes.

The center houses a multitude of miracle workers who can actually open up joints and increase flexibility by using dozens of state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques, repairs, and forms of therapy.   The Performance Center’s staff includes experts in bio-mechanical analysis, muscle activation techniques, rehabilitation, neuromuscular and enzyme therapy, chiropractic, fitness training, metabolic conditioning, and nutrition.

Programs can be customized as needed, with one to four day packages available.  A client’s first visit includes a thorough bio-mechanical assessment which tests literally every joint and muscle in the body for injury and range of motion.  Once an analysis is made, long or short term solutions are determined based on degree of injury and desired goals.  Upon completion, the client is armed with detailed training, rehabilitation, and nutrition programs supplemented with phone or e-mail support counseling as needed.

The next time you need a getaway and have some money to spend, be a nice person and shuttle three aching-body-excuse-laden friends to Miami and book four nights at the eternally tropical Turnberry Isle.   Let Mr. Bommarito perform his magic.   Immediately after the fixes plus a 60-minute Golf Performance massage, preferably outdoors, at the Spa, check out THEgolfacademy with renowned PGA Instructor and Top-100 Teacher Bill Forrest because you will feel like practicing.   After that, 36 holes of golf on the acclaimed Soffer and Miller courses will be a snap.  Finishing the day with a three-course organic filet mignon repast at Bourbon Steak, the Miami high-rises and skyline observe as you savor Mojitos with Chef Buss’ homegrown sugarcane and mint….all while pondering that, indeed, Ponce de Leon actually did discover the Fountain of Youth here.

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