Ace from the Heart: A Valentine Love Poem

Ace Number 4 at the Fairmont Southampton Bacardi Championship, March 2011, on the 2nd hole. Dad always liked me in red.....

One day while playing, being held up by men

The talk turned to aces…….how many, and when?

Thirty years in the game, how long must I wait?

Dad (Buck) and two brothers, between them had eight.

My partner that day, hypontherapist Zoe

Simple answers supplied, “In the hole, see it go!”

Nice misses nor close, quite simply, won’t do

‘In the cup’ is your mantra…….you must visualize too!

Ten days soon passed, to the State Am I went

My mind strong and full, my gaze was intent.

And there on 11, the match stood 3-up

My 191-yard 2-iron sailed into the cup!

The goosebumps arose, my heart filled with love

For golf, life, and family, other gifts from above;

The quest for an ace, not so much mine, you see

But rather for Dad who sacrificed all…… for me.

His fondest desire for this daughter he taught

Was leaving the ranks of aces holed at naught;

The best thing to happen, far more than that too

Was the phone call beginning, ‘Guess what, Buckaroo?

Yes, the quest for an ace is an arduous task

Like searching for love, you get what you ask;

Eighteen years later the count stands at four

With Dad up in Heaven, I know there’ll be more.

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