A Word About Hyatt Grand Champions

A room just like mine at the Hyatt Grand Champions

I’m sitting in my Hyatt Grand Champions room in Indian Wells, lamenting that we didn’t spend more time here.  With late nights and early tee times, I didn’t get to fully enjoy what is obviously a first rate luxury resort.  The room is spacious and on two levels, with the bathroom and kind sized bed on the upper, and the working and sitting area two steps down, with a balcony that overlooks a pool.

Its bathroom is stocked with several containers of aromatic shampoo and body wash, and the mini bar has everything that should be in one, and in sufficient quantities.  There’s a coffee maker and at least two packets of Starbucks with caffeine.  This hotel clearly knows how to put you down at night and start you up in the morning.  And of all the rooms on this trip, the Grand Champions was the best, clear and simple.

What’s more, two nights ago the hotel left a bottle of wine and a cheese plate in the room, a gracious greeting to the Golf Road Warriors.  Last night the lobby looked like a happening, with live music playing in the place where we had the tequila tasting.  The Palm Springs visitors folks did well in putting us here, the Hyatt made sure we felt welcome and I regret that this morning we’ll need to move on.

Next time in town, I’d sure like more time at the Grand Champions.

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