Now This Is Important Golf News!

So not only do the men of the PGA Tour make a lot of money for playing a game, many of them have cute wives.—a sports website that has a very liberal approach to what constitutes “sports” (and obviously is aimed at an audience of 22-year-old men, er, boys)—has posted its list of the hottest Tour wives and girlfriends. They’re a little out of date with some of the partnerships, but these days the online axiom seems to be “don’t let the facts get in the way of a good post” or good slideshow.

Anyway, you might enjoy looking at some very pretty women. If not, I’m sure you can find the current standings for the first round of the Who The Hell Cares Open somewhere else.

By the way, that’s Mrs. David Toms, with her husband, from Sports Illustrated a few years ago. Spoiler Alert:  This photo, sans David, is in the BleacherReport report, which only goes to prove that someone in their office is more accomplished with iPhoto than I am.

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