125th Anniversary of the Car Means Ultimate Driving Tour

Don't settle for just one - drive all four of these German beauties at high speeds!

Sorry Henry Ford. Seems the most valid claim for the invention of the automobile lies across the sea with the Benz Patent Motor Car, introduced in 1886.

That makes 2011 the 125th birthday of the car, and a good excuse to check out a new package offered by a Bavarian tourism promotion conglomerate, including the cities of Stuttgart and Munich (yep, where I recently wrote about and posted fun photos of the 200th Oktoberfest!) and carmakers BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz and Porsche.

The 8-day Premium Cars of Southern Germany Tour combines stays in 4 and 5-star hotels with exhilarating drives through the Bavarian forests and countryside and ain the “any speed is too slow” passing lanes of the Autobahn. Behind the wheel of a 5-series, E-Class, Panamera and some (?) Audi. Each 2-day segment includes a choice of several optional day tours, which can be a driving experience (AMG Experience, BMW Safe Driver Training, etc) or a castle, vineyard or city tour, or yes, even a round of golf at the Ingolstadt Golf Club. Along the way there are private auto-related visits and tours.

Basic packages are 8-days and start and end in Munich, but can be extended or customized. Save your beer drinking by the liter at famed Bavarian beer halls like the Hofbrauhaus until after you have turned the keys back in.

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