Leading Golf Travel Blog to Cover Skiing!

Like making an eagle in golf, skiing deep, fresh powder is as good as it gets!

Many golfers ski and many skiers golf, and both travel for their favorite sports.

I am one of those, and for about fifteen years I have been writing frequently on golf and ski travel all over the globe. Skiing is a little bit easier to get a handle on, since there are a lot less top ski resorts than there are golf courses and resorts around the globe.

I did a couple of ski pieces last winter for fun, but this year I have added a Ski Travel tab to this page, Larry Golfs The World, which you can think of as a mini-site for Larry Skis the World!

I will be bringing you the same, fresh, honest, irreverent and helpful content you can use to plan ski vacations that I have long brought you for golf.

If you have any doubt about the connection between of the two sports, stay tuned as I demonstrate how many ski and golf resorts are one in the same, including Top 100 and courses and PGA Tour venues. In several cases the top ski resorts are the top golf resorts, and vice versa, but in both cases, the best of each tend to be fun and beautiful places.

With Labor Day weekend just around the corner, the weather still says golf in most parts of the country, but in many, ski season is coming sooner than you might expect, so look for me to mix in the occasional ski coverage with plenty of golf stuff as the months get colder – and starting tomorrow!

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