Stuck? Is Your Blind Spot Holding You Back?

We all have our blind spots.  You do. I do. Everyone does.

And have you ever wondered why someone with seemingly less talent and effort seems to be more successful than perhaps you at something?  It likely involves their blind spot and taking action.

In coaching both men and women on all varieties of subjects from business, sports, relationships/dating, etc., my advice will usually be readily accepted until I hit my client’s “blind spot.”  This is that sticking point in which my I know I’ve hit their “hot button.”  All of a sudden my input is met with disregard, fear, or maybe even anger, denial, and disinterest.  Typically often the advice you most need to hear is that you want least to.

Let’s take dating for example, my client may want to meet someone, but they are unwilling to do the “work” of meeting, becoming social, or introducing themselves.  Why?  Fear, anger, hate, past failures, or perhaps they need to feel supremely confident and perfect.  Maybe they are looking for perfection – a true sign of fear.  All these beliefs are fear-based as opposed to joy or love-based.  The same applies to business and sports, anything.  Regardless, this all describes our blind spot.  It’s noticeable to me and probably many others, but not to you – never you!

As I said, I am guilty of this myself and that is why I have a coach and regularly consult others.  Their input will sometimes surprise me, and may even bother me and then I know it’s time for me to wash my ego aside and listen.  Rather than respond with a silent “I don’t need to do that” or “That’s not really me,” I begin my action plan.

So what is this action plan?  An action plan doesn’t have to be grandiose, complicated, or aggressive.  It will likely start with a look at my underlying belief and a modification of it, but it quickly must shift into action.  It may be just as effective that it be small baby-steps, but it is something that you will immediately embrace and can see some success.  The important thing is you have become awakened and you must change your beliefs, feelings, and related actions if you expect different results.  Back to the dating example, maybe my client becomes active on an Internet dating website, attends Singles Dances, says “Hi” to fifty people a day, or agrees to a “meet-and-greet” date.  Whatever they do, they take action.  If one course of action doesn’t work, they don’t give up.  They may try it again with a different tact, they may have someone critique them, or they may try something else, but they keep taking action.

Don’t obsess about devising a perfect action plan, just act.  The world has always rewarded action while in contrast the ego has preferred knowledge, struggle, and perfection.  All the knowledge of yourself and your world won’t mean anything if you don’t act upon it.

Success lies right outside your comfort zone. The harder it is to make yourself do something, the more you’ll benefit by doing it.  If you feel stuck, consult a trusted friend, mentor, or coach and toss your pride aside and truly listen to their feedback.  If they do, indeed, hit a nerve with you, pay special attention.

You want results. So heed my words: take action. In fact, take action before anything else. The best strategy with regard to ourselves is to relax, observe, ready yourself, then fire, aim, and fire again.  Backwards engineer your change and success by pushing yourself forward.  Do that every day even if you only begin with tiny baby steps.  No excuses, no delays, no explanation.  New inspired action will overcome blinds spots and resistance.  Just do it and you will experience a pleasant growth spurt this year.

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