Managing Relationships for Growth



Nothing in life stays the same and that includes our relationships. They all grow or don’t, but none remain exactly the same. They change, morph, and shift, and it’s wise to be conscious of them – manage them if you will. This can often be a real challenge!

Toxic relationships can hold people back or propel them to their dreams. Many people resist change. As you grow toward your dreams, people around you may gather to convince you to stay where you are – in their comfort zone. This keeps you stuck where you and they are, if you are not mindful. They love the comfort of their security and illusion of certainty; it’s not because they’re evil; they’re simply grasping ahold of fear – the fear of change and growth.

If you wish to vibrate at a higher level and attract higher and more satisfying results in your life, you will find it difficult, if not impossible to do so, if everything around you is reinforcing the contrary. Look at people who are close to you and observe them to see if they are going in the same direction and also supporting you in the direction you are going. If they are not thinking the way you are thinking or doing the things you are doing, they will hold you back – plain and simple.

If you want to grow, you must surround yourself with supportive, like-minded people. Do you invest quality time (all time is quality) with people who lack the energy, vibrations, or perspective you have or aspire to. If so, it’s time to distance them in your life. Don’t “ration lies” that toxic or stagnant relationships or blind loyalty is the way to go.

If you are confused, quiet yourself and listen to your heart for it instinctively knows what’s best for you. This is not always an easy or a pleasant task, but this can also be a change you won’t regret. Your heart will distinguish between those people with good hearts and dreams, and those regardless of wealth, appearance, or social connections might appear otherwise on the surface.

Look for people who share your values, traits and accomplishments similar to yours, who will support you in your quest to be your best self. Look also for role models – people who have already accomplished what you aspire to (loving relationships, sound loving parenting, professional attainment, health and vitality, wealth accumulation, etc). This can and should include all the elective relationships in your life.

This doesn’t mean that you callously discard people, but in a loving way you focus upon new and more enriching people and relationships. In other words, go for what you want and don’t pay attention to what you don’t. By surrounding yourself with people who share the vibrations that you are giving to the universe, you will find that you will achieve your dreams and desires much faster and far easier.


P.S. Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson, or a sign that you are making progress, but only if you are fully awake and look for it!


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