Twelve Days of Fagan: In My Opinion… DAY 2

11.     Half the players on the Champions Tour are truly grateful they did not receive the scrutiny regarding their personal life that Tiger Woods has.  (And that’s a sentiment directly told me from several of them.)

12.     Pebble Beach has never been nor will ever be a “links” course.  Calling it the “Pebble Beach Golf Links” is marketing mumbo jumbo.

13.     The best and most honest TV golf announcer for me remains Johnny Miller.  Just wish he was half as good a golf course architect as he is an announcer.

14.     Riding golf carts have made the game less enjoyable and slower, but easier for the unfit to play.

15.     Ricky Fowler’s hats make mock turtlenecks and bell-bottom paisley pants look good.

16.     Hollis Stacy, Jan Stephenson, and Jane Blalock all deserve to be in the LPGA Hall of Fame.  While the men are too lenient, the women are too restrictive.

17.     Grow the game by hooking the parents.

18.     U.S. Presidents who play golf shouldn’t seem to automatically qualify for any Golf Hall of Fame simply because they support the game.  There are far too many other people who volunteer far more and never get recognized.

19.     The LPGA players do, in fact, “try harder.”  Too bad they are not more successful in gaining more followers.

20.     The USGA ruling limiting the length of tees is silly.

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