Book Review – ” Winning the Battle Within” By Dr. Glen Albaugh and Michael Bowker

Stockton sport psychologist, Dr. Glen Albaugh is one of Northern California’s golf treasures.  He has positively affected the lives and golf games of hundreds, including many top players such as Kirk Triplett and Scott McCarran.  You should appreciate that the territory between your ears is the most important space in golf, and Albaugh is a master of this domain.

Short of directly working with Dr. Albaugh, studying “Winning the Battle Within,” is an exceptional way to improve your golf score and experience. There are many reasons to recommend this book.  I found the sections on imagination, simplification, post-shot routine, the “Circle of Performance,” “confidence being a matter of choice,” innovative practice techniques, and journaling, together with the check lists/action plans for success contained in the Appendix just a few of very innovative and insightful aspects of the book.  Dr. Albaugh is not just another sports psychologist and this is not just another ordinary golf book on the mental game.  I highly recommend you read, “Winning the Battle Within” or better yet, work with Dr. Albaugh.  He can be reached at and the hardback book is an absolute bargain at only $19.95 from Kele Publishing.

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