Product Review: Grip 4orce


The simple Grip 4orce confuses your muscles thus promoting stimulation and grip strength!


Any golf instructor will share with you that your grip, and the strength of your hands is so important to achieving good golf shots, even the short ones.  It is always fun for me to discover a simple device that enhances our hand strength.  The unique thing is that the product, Grip 4orce, also builds strength while simultaneously working other muscles – how efficient and easy.

Grip 4orce is a round polymer anti-slip tread piece that fits around the handles of any barbell system that effectively converts and barbell or dumbbell to a 2″ diameter.  This piece forces you to squeeze the grip as you perform your other weighted exercises, thus substantially enhancing hand, thumb, forearm, and grip strength.  The two-piece units (one for each hand) also serve as a standalone grip exerciser.

The Grip 4orce comes in a choice of five colors and two flexes (stiff and regular) and retails for $39.95.  Whether you work out with weights or not, I recommend this easy-to-use simple device.  It’s economical, easy to use, convenient, portable, and best of all it works!

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  • 2
  • Spreads weight evenly for reduced negative joint strain
  • Internal Polymer Resistance Core (Regular Flex and Stiff Flex)
  • Anti-Slip Tread Design
    Forces hand into active grip state
  • Converts bars and dumbells to larger 2″ diameter
  • Can also be used as a stand alone hand grip device
  • Target as close to 100% of total muscle fiber recruitment
  • Enhances stimulation to the working muscles
  • Increased Thumb, Hand, Forearm, and Grip Strength
  • Increased Grip Strength while doing your normal exercises
    Increased Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder Stability
  • Increased Arm Pump

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