Book Review: 1001 Golf Holes You Must Play Before You Die

By Jeff Barr, Ronnie Sellers Productions, Inc.

If you are a “golf course junkie” like I am, “1001 Golf Holes You Must Play Before You Die” is one book you must buy.  At nearly two and a half inches thick, this chunky little book is filled with; you guessed it, over 900 pages of color photos and text covering more than a thousand of the best and most interesting golf holes. The coverage runs from one half to two full pages each, and the scope is worldwide.  The best thing for me is that there are not only the usual famous ones, but also interestingly, more obscure holes others as well.  Describing golf holes does not usually make for good reading, but author Jeff Barr smartly only briefly discusses the playing features of a hole and more about the course, and allows the photos to tell the remainder of the story.  Most, but not all the holes have pictures, but it is both entertaining and informative just the same.  I really loved this piece!  Retailing at $34.95, it is well priced at only 3.5 cents per hole.

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