Men’s Golf Trip Packing List

What’s in your bag?

I am now traveling quite regularly to play golf, often abroad. And traveling for an extended golf trip is much different that traveling light for shorter business trips as I had often done in the past. It finally dawned on me that it would be easier to operate with a check list in order to pack quicker and not worry that I might have missed something.

Traveling abroad can be quite time consuming and expensive to replace something important that you’ve forgotten. The following is my checklist that might apply to you men. You might use it as a head start to develop your own.




Itinerary & Travel Confirmation Numbers

Luggage Identification

Camera and Batteries

Business Cards

Money Belt

Letter of Introduction/Welcome, Golf Index Card (sometimes necessary for private clubs)

House & Car Keys

Vitamins and/or Medication

GPS or Maps

Alarm Clock

Tablet with pencils and pens

Toiletries (Toothpaste, brush, comb, deodorant, floss, clippers, band-aids, etc.)

Credit Cards (notify them before traveling abroad)

Prescription Glasses & Contact Lenses & Solution

Phone Numbers and Contacts Points for People While I’m Away

Reading Material


Cash plus $1 and $5s for Tipping  (Foreign Currency if Required)

Golf Shoes (extra pair for the British Isles)

Range Finder (not cool in the U.K.)

Rain Gear




Cell Phone

Laptop Computer or PDA

Chap Stick

Suncreen/Insect Repellent

Electric Shaver or Razor with Shaving Cream

Chargers for Phone, Laptop, Shaver, Camera



Bathing Suit

Shirts  (Longs sleeves?)

Trousers & Shorts

Sneakers & Dress Shoes

Sleeveless & Full Sweater


Windbreaker or Heavier Golf Jacket

Sports Jacket, Dress Shirt, Ties

Extra Golf Balls & Gloves, Tees

Golf Clubs (not the ones I absolutely can’t afford to lose or have broken)

Lightest golf bag possible (consider less than 14 clubs)

Zip lock bags for small miscellaneous items

A full trash bag to cover my clothes going and to stuff my dirty laundry in returning.

A copy of your packing list in case your luggage is missing you can’t quickly reconstruct what you brought as well as a list of important credit card numbers should they be lost or stolen.

Most important:  Don’t forget your smile and sense of humor.

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  1. Bob Fagan

    Good catch Chad. The travel cover for the clubs is in the same spot as the suitcase – can’t go anywhere without them both! I do add a hood that fits over the top of my golf bag for rain.

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