Product Review: Spotless Swing Golf Towel

The Spotless Swing Towel

There are golf towels and there is the Spotless Swing multi-use golf towel.  No serious golfer plays golf without a towel.  First you want to keep you hands and grips clean and dry, and then there are your clubfaces.  Those clubfaces can become filthy with mud, sand, and all kinds of things you want to remove before you hit your next shot.  One towel can manage that until you need to do something like wipe your own face and then things can get messy.

There are lots of towels on the golf market including those old ones you bring from home or the logo ones you buy in the golf shops, but I’ve discovered the towel version of a “better mousetrap.”  It’s called the Spotless Swing.

Here’s why you should be interested in the the multi-purpose Spotless Swing towel. With this one small magical towel you can keep your hands, face, and grips clean using the outside while on the inside the messy debris from your wet and messy clubfaces comes off easily with a special “MicroBrush” fabric – even caked on dirt.  In that way, you don’t have to worry about mixing up the two tasks and compounding your golf challenges.

The secret to the Spotless Swing towel is the outer durable microfiber fabric that is six times more absorbent than cotton and the inner “MicroBrush” layer that cleans your clubface grooves.  It attaches to your bag with a handy clip, comes in four different colors, and it’s washable.

In the golf game the two important surfaces are your only connection with the club – your grip; and the clubface.  Now you can both better secure your grip and assure your grooves are clean to impart an accurate hit with spin with one magical towel.  The Spotless Swing towel is a convenient organizer to help improve your golf experience leaving your attention to simply play great golf.  The towel can be purchased for $19.95 plus shipping by going to  The Spotless Swing towel may be the last towel you ever purchase!

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