Just Being You – The Amazing Release!




Did you ever realize that you are like a giant satellite dish receiving all the energy and vibrations around you? You have been like this since the very day you were born. Of course, you received mega-doses of energy from family members like your mother, father, siblings, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and later teachers and friends. You went from a place of perfect love into being bombarded with some love, along with all the hurt, judgment, anger, pain, and fears that they had accumulated and been handed to them by generations as well. Sound pretty cruddy?


Yes, hopefully there was love included in what was passed along to you. For some, there was an avalanche of love, but for the vast majority it was not. Sooner or later, you picked up on the fear-based pain that seems to be in abundance. You were contaminated big time.


So now you have all these fear-based beliefs. Are they really yours or someone else’s? Yes, you’ve taken it all on as yours. Maybe it was a money, weight, health, career, relationship, or anger issues that those around you had. They were so strongly projected upon you that you just soaked them up – you had little choice. Before you knew it, you thought these beliefs were all yours. So I ask you to pause and reflect. Are your non-operating thoughts and beliefs truly yours or someone else’s?


And who did you think you had to become in order to be accepted by your family and friends? It’s not that your parents were bad; they were doing the best they could and were the recipient of the same  belief bombs you received. When you didn’t mirror their fear-based expectations, you likely felt a sense of failure or inadequacy, maybe a lot of it.


Why couldn’t you change your parents? You couldn’t because they didn’t for whatever reason choose joy and not to judge. That was their journey, but it doesn’t have to be yours; and in your baby-innocence trying unsuccessfully to convert them to joy, love, and abundance wasn’t your fault.  You are not a failure, far from it. Do you now see that you have choices that you didn’t realize then? So did your parents. In your aliveness, you can choose to change your belief provided you think you can and want to change.


Have you made the sadness, anger, judgment, fear, and scarcity more real than the choice you have to become truly great in the life you are here to live?


If all that is required is a change of reality, would you bring that into your life? When? How about now?


Looking back, your only mistake was to interpret these beliefs and resulting feelings as yours. In reality they never have been. When you start to realize that, you can jettison what doesn’t work and keep what does. Simply by realizing that and asking yourself “Who does this belong to?”


Angst and fear can flood right out of your life. You will begin to feel lighter. As you body is centerpiece or repository of every view you hold, your body will automatically mirror the points of view you hold and you will become healthier.


Consider this. You are robbing yourself of the gift of being you every time you indulge in self-judgment. You have wings to fly or you can live in the dungeon of your own hell with how you handle self-judgment. Would Jesus, Buddha, or Mohammed have embraced self-judgment? Hardly. Don’t you think that this concept of self-judgment should have been shelved centuries ago?


If you lost the capacity to judge yourself and replaced it with appreciation, and greater love and joy awareness, how would that change your energy? How would that change your life? I’ll venture to say you’d feel lighter and freer, and then calm down into a state of peaceful acceptance. You’ve just created a miraculous gift for yourself!

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