Live Masters Log: Schwartzel Birdies Last Four to Win

This year’s Masters looks like one for the history books. We are keeping a live log of the events right here:

McIlroy holds a four shot lead before the final round at -12.

Charl Schwartzel chips in for birdie on the 1st. Goes to -9.

After hitting a perfect long drive on the first, McIlroy takes three from the edge of the green, makes bogey and drops to -11.

McIlroy drives into the fairway bunker on the 2nd, hits the bank when trying to get out and leaves himself a long 3rd shot. In the left greenside bunker, McIlroy saves par brilliantly.

Schwartzel does the impossible. Again, he holes out, this time with a wedge for an eagle on the third hole. Draws level with McIlroy at -11.

Schwartzel -11

McIlroy -11

3 shots clear of field.

Woods birdies no. 7, goes to -8.

Luke Donald just misses for birdie on the 5th. He has dropped fewer shots than anyone, with the exception of McIlroy.

Woods hits an unbelievable 2nd shot to the 8th green, 15 feet from the pin. Chance for eagle.

Schwartzel bogeys the 4th, leaves McIlroy alone on top at -11.

McIlroy misses a short putt for birdie on the 3rd hole.

Tiger Woods makes eagle on the 8th hole, is now -10, one shot behind McIlroy!

McIlroy makes a two-putt par on the 4th.

McIlroy -11

Woods -10

Schwartzel -10

2 shots clear of field.

Woods’s over-complicated tee-shot on the 9th stops right behind a tree. He looks like he has a shot.

Woods pulls his second shot on 9 into a greenside bunker.

Donald bogeys the 7th hole, drops to -7.

Woods can not go at the hole from the bunker, does well to keep the ball within 20 feet for par.

McIlroy misses a five foot putt for par on the 5th.

Woods holes his par-putt on 9, remains -10, tied with McIlroy and Schwartzel.

Woods -10 (-5 after 10)

Schwartzel -10 (-2 after 6)

McIlroy -10 (+2 after 5)

2 shots clear of field.

McIlroy two-putts for par on the 6th.

After a perfect drive, Woods hits it securely below the hole on the 10th green, in birdie range straight up the hill – 20 feet.

Angel Cabrera keeps hitting fairways, leads the field in driving accuracy. McIlroy also hits fairway on the narrow seventh.

Woods misses birdie attempt on 10, easy par.

K.J. Choi birdies 7th to get to -9, one shot behind leaders.

Schwartzel makes a good two-putt par on the 7th, having left himself a very difficult, long birdie putt.

Our favorite to win, Luke Donald birdies the 8th, goes back up to -8.

Woods hits 11th fairway, an improvement from previous rounds.

McIlroy makes birdie from the front edge of 7th green. He is back in the lead on his own, with the par-5 8th to come.

Cabrera also makes his putt on a similar line, although shorter.

McIlroy -11

Woods -10

Schwartzel -10

Choi -9

Cabrera -9

Woods safely on the 11th green, 30 feet from the hole. “That’s perfect,” he is heard saying. Wonderful approach putt and another easy par on a dangerous hole.

Adam Scott birdies nine to go -9.

Woods hits his ball safely into the heart of the 12th green. Looks like he is clear of the main dangers of Amen Corner.

Schwartzel fails to birdie the par-5 8th.

Like Nicklaus in 1986, Woods hits his putt on the 12th a good 4-feet past the hole, leaving a putt missed by Nicklaus.

Scott misses a 10-foot downhill birdie-putt on the 9th.

Woods misses the Nicklaus-putt on 12! Makes bogey.

Woods hits a perfect drive on 13h, drawing his 3-wood round the corner.

McIlroy another leader who fails to birdie the 8th. Hit his second shot beyond the green and mis-hit his chip.

Luke Donald makes birdie on the 10th, goes up to -9.

Cabrera birdies the 8th hole, is now at -10.

McIlroy -11

Cabrera -10

Schwartzel -10

Four players at -9

K.J. Choi almost holes his second shot on the 9th. Guaranteed birdie. Will go to -10.

Schwartzel leaves his birdie putt on the 9th just short of the hole.

Woods hits his 2nd shot on 13 left of the green, and then hits a bizarre chip to the far edge of the green. Birdie unlikely.

Last group of Cabrera and McIlroy leave themselves good birdie chances on the 9th hole.

Woods makes par on the 13th, an opportunity lost.

Donald’s putt shaves the hole on the 11th for birdie. Easy par.

McIlroy and Cabrera both make par on the ninth.

McIlroy hooks his drive into the trees left of the 10th fairway, into so far unfamiliar territory near the cottages. Has tall pines to go over.

Luke Donald’s ball goes into Rae’s Creek on the 12th.

McIlroy studies his options on the 10th, advances his ball back into the fairway, but is still only 150 yards from the tee, having played two shots.

Woods just misses his birdie putt on the 14th. He thought it was in. He is at -9.

Adam Scott makes a long putt for birdie at the 11th. Goes to -10.

McIlroy (-11) hits his 3rd shot well left of the 10th green. Could be blocked out by a tree. Almost guaranteed to drop a shot or two.

Donald double-bogeys the 12th. Slides down to -7.

McIlroy hits a tree on the 10th. Catastrophe coming up….

McIlroy has a 20-foot putt for a six.

Adam Scott makes a solid par on the 12th. Remains at -10.

Cabrera -10

Scott -10

Choi -10

Schwartzel -10

Woods (-9) stiffs his 2nd shot on the 15th. Short putt coming up for eagle!

McIlroy triple-bogeys the 10th. Falls to -8.

Jason Day birdies no. 12. He is now at -9.

Geoff Ogilvy birdies no. 14, his third birdie in a row. He is now at -8.

Schwartzel and Choi hear the growl of the crowd when McIlroy’s score is posted on the board near the 12th tee. They look at the scoreboard and are well aware. Meanwhile, Woods is eying his eagle-putt on 15.

Woods misses his 6-foot eagle putt! Races past the hole, touches the hole on the low-side. Makes the putt coming back – a birdie. Woods now at -10.

Woods -10

Scott -10

Choi -10

Schwartzel -10

Cabrera -10

McIlroy hits the best shot of the day into the 11th green. Only ten feet away for birdie.
Bo Van Pelt makes an eagle on the 13th, goes to -8.
Woods’s tee-shot on the 16th almost pitches in the hole. Just inside 10 feet for birdie.
Choi drops a shot on the 12th, falls back to -9.
Our favorite to win, Luke Donald birdies the 13th to recover slightly. He is now at -8.
McIlroy misses his birdie-putt on the 11th, and ends up bogeying the hole (-7).
Cabrera saves par brilliantly on the 11th (-10).
Woods’s putt just misses on the 16th. Was actually around 15 feet. Missed on the high side, hit it just a bit too hard. Remains at -10.
Scott (-10) misses a short putt for birdie at the 13th to take the lead.
Ogilvy makes his 4th birdie in a row, this one on the 15th. Ogilvy is now at -9.
Jason Day makes a two-putt birdie at the 13th. He is the fifth player to join at -10. Unbelievable.
McIlroy hits a solid shot into the 12th green. Misses a 50/50 birdie chance.
Ogilvy is red hot. Hits his tee-shot to four feet on the 16th. Chance for his 5th consecutive birdie.
Cabrera bogeys the 12th.
McIlroy has collapsed, four-putts the 12th for a double-bogey. What an unbelievably sad thing to witness.

Woods -10

Day -10

Scott -10

Schwartzel -10

Woods hits his approach shot on the 17th off the right edge of the green.

McIlroy hits his drive on the 13th into Rae’s Creek.

Geoff Ogilvy makes birdie on the 15th, joins others at -10.

Australians Jason Day and Adam Scott both in birdie-range on the 14th.

K.J. Choi pushes his short birdie putt on the 13th. Misses a chance to join the leaders at -10.

Adam Scott takes the lead with a birdie on the 14th.

Day misses a similar putt to Scotts.

Bo Van Pelt stiffs his 2nd shot on the 15th, has a chance for eagle and to for a 2nd place tie at -10.

Tiger Woods makes a chip-and-putt par on the 17th.

Bo Van Pelt makes his second eagle in three holes, is now at -10.

Leader Adam Scott (-11) in perfect position on the right side of the 15th fairway.

Luke Donald (-9) birdies the 15th.

Scott -11

Woods -10

Ogilvy -10

Day -10

Schwartzel -10

Van Pelt -10

Ogilvy’s birdie run comes to an end at the 17th, easy par.

McIlroy makes par on the 13th.

Leader Adam Scott hits it into the patrons to the right of the 15th green.

Tiger Woods has the familiar birdie-putt coming up across the lower level on the 18th green.

Schwartzel (-10) just misses for birdie on the 14th.

Van Pelt putts off the green at the 16th. Risking a bogey.

Jason Day in the trees right of the 15th fairway. He can’t go for the green.

Luke Donald makes from 18 feet on the 16th. He joins the pack at -10.

Six players at -10, one shot behind Adam Scott.

Jason Day hits his 3rd shot over the 15th green.

Tiger Woods misses his birdie attempt on the 18th. Goes 3 feet past.

Van Pelt bogeys the 16th.

Woods posts -10, leader in the clubhouse. Round of 67 with a cold putter on the back nine.

Adam Scott has an almost zero chance for birdie on the 15th after hitting his 3rd shot towards the Saturday’s hole location. He has a putt across the whole green for birdie.

Ogilvy’s ball goes down the false front on the 18th green.

“I’m one back. We’ll see what happens. I’m gonna go eat. I’m starving,” says Woods to Sky Sports.

Adam Scott saves a two-putt par on the 15th. Still leading in his 10th Masters. One of three Australians who can win. So far, no Aussie has ever won it.

Speaking of Aussies, Jason Day also saves par on the 15th.

K.J. Choi barely carries the pond on the 15th in two shots.

Ogilvy joins Woods in the clubhouse at -10.

Schwartzel hits his second shot at the 15th over the green, while Adam Scott almost holes his tee-shot on the 16th. Guaranteed birdie to go -12.

Donald commits the cardinal sin of going over the 17th green – makes bogey and drops to -9.

Jason Day (-10) hits his tee-shot on 16 to the back left corner of the green, some 20 feet away.

Van Pelt bogeys the 17th, goes to -8.

Choi putts from off the green on the 15th, secures his birdie and goes to -10.

Having seen Adam Scotts ball stone dead near the flag on the 16th, Schwartzel chips 5 feet past the hole on the 15th.

Jason Day misses his birdie putt on the 16th on the low side.

Schwartzel holes his uphill five-footer for birdie. Fist pumps.

Scott -12

Schwartzel -11

Ogilvy -10

Woods -10

Day -10

Choi -10

Awkward stance for Donald next to the fairway bunker at the 18th.

Schwartzel hits his tee-shot on the 16th to just under 15 feet.

Adam Scott in trouble on the 17th, hits his drive way left.

Unbelievably unlucky for Donald! Hits the flagstick on his approach from the awkward stance and off the false-front on the 18th.

Cabrera’s eagle-putt on the 15th slides just by. Easy birdie and now he is at -10.

Charl Schwartzel makes his birdie-putt on the 16th! Ties with Scott, who was in a bunker by the 7th green. Hits his shot shy of the 17th green.

Luke Donald chips in on the 18th to post a score of -10, equal to Woods and Ogilvy!!!

Adam Scott plays a running bunker shot to ten feet from the hole on the 17th, this putt he has for par.

Cabrera over the 16th green. Not the place to be.

Jason Day holes a 40-foot birdie putt on the 17th! Now he is at -11.

Scott -12

Schwartzel -12

Day -11

Terrific par-putt from Adam Scott. Holes it, and stays at -12.

“I can assure you, there are millions of people still awake in Australia watching,” said Geoff Ogilvy.

Jason Day hits a perfect drive up the 18th fairway with a driver.

Charl Schwartzel hits one of the best approaches to the 17th today, to about ten feet.

Cabrera bogeys the 16th, drops to -9.

Adam Scott hits his 3-wood to the right side of the 18th fairway. In fine shape.

Scott finds the green and is in Mickelson/O’Meara range for birdie.

Charl Schwartzel nails his birdie-putt on the 17th. Takes the lead at -13!

Jason Day hits it to six feet on the 18th. Chance for birdie to go -12.

Schwartzel hits driver off the 18th tee – perfect!

Adam Scott’s putt on 18 not even close. Now Jason Day reading his putt.

Schwartzel -13

Scott -12

Day -11

Day holes it! Goes to -12.

Scott holes out for par. Posts a -12 as well. Birdies in the last two holes for Day.

Now it is up to Charl Schwartzel who is in the 18th fairway.

Schwartzel -13

Day -12

Scott -12

Schwartzel hits a solid shot to the 18th green, bit of spin, pin high. 16 feet from the hole. Two putts will do.

K.J. Choi entertains the crowd. Hits the flag on his greenside bunker shot on the 18th.

Both Day and Scott speak as if they have already lost in TV interviews.

Schwartzel holes and wins by two!

Four birdies in the last four holes. First major win for the 26-year old. A South African win on the 50th anniversary of Gary Player’s first win.

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