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Glory Days

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Yes, Virginia, there was golf before Tiger Woods, even before Arnold Palmer. And in both Jim Dodson’s American Triumvirate (Knopf,… Read more »

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The Walking Man

Geoffrey Cornish with the woman he always referred to as his "bride," Carol.

Geoffrey Cornish died this morning at the age of 97. I had the great pleasure of meeting him a little… Read more »

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Golf in the Flesh


Why would anyone want to revisit the sordid details of the Tiger Woods sexual scandals? Well, they’re juicy, for one… Read more »


Gearing Up


Into white is the mode on the fairways and greens this year, with the TaylorMade R11 Driver hitting the PGA… Read more »


Hogan Lives!

Hogan standing next to what remains of his car after the February 1949 accident.

No extended piece about Ben Hogan can go on for long without mentioning the car wreck in February of 1949… Read more »