Ballybunion Benefits By Comparison

Ballybunion Old's trademark 11th hole. Photo copyright Henebry Photography.

The Golf Road Warriors have vastly different positions on any number of things, but one thing we agree on: Our dispatches from Ireland won’t include copious descriptions of how well or badly we happen to be playing the colossal courses on the itinerary.

A cursory synopsis, however, indicates that two of us have been playing well, the other two badly. But a welcome mitigating yardstick is that the difficult tracks we’ve been playing made going around Ballybunion – ranked 18th- -best in the world, according to a 2009 survey in Golf Magazine — this afternoon seem “easy,” even for the struggling twosome.

True, it was, according to Ballybunion’s starter, the best day so far this year, weather-wise: brilliant sunshine, temperatures around 80º F, breezes around 10 MPH. Still, the course seemed decidedly copasetic.

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