Finally, Golf Hotheads Get Some Help

COOLCORE-VISOR-STICKERFor a sport widely regarded as a “head game,” golf has devoted a lot more attention to the rest of players’ physiology (not to be confused with psychology, which has probably received too much). Microfiber shirts, shorts, and socks wick away moisture. Gloves promise a firm grip even in a driving rain. But what about that favorite cap of yours, once a cherished memento of a great golf experience, now a sweat-encrusted relic?


OK, the author’s zero friction™ shaved head may exacerbate the problem, but even big hair golfers have overheated their lids at some point. Now there’s help, thanks to Coolcore® technology from Imperial Headwear. The design delivers “three distinct functions, including moisture wicking, moisture transportation to accelerate drying, and regulated evaporation for a cooling effect,” according to the literature.


Whether those are actually distinct functions may be debatable, but the cap’s claim to real innovation is true: The weather’s been unseasonably hot and humid here in the northeast, but after walking two 18-hole rounds on muggy, 90º F – plus afternoons, the cap looks like it just came off the shelf – no stains, no salt residue, no discoloration. And at no point during play did it feel like a soggy mess.


The Coolcore collection is available in nine headgear styles. A minute-long demonstration video explains the concept.


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