Antigua’s New Line Is Thoughtful Fashion

100943-065_M-IllusionM-GulfShort_100998-958If we have distance-enhancing tees, can game-improvement shorts be far off? Antigua doesn’t make that claim about their Spring 2015 Men’s Golf collection, but I do.

As a guy who recalls when the word wick appeared almost exclusively in connection with candles and curling, I especially liked the polyester-spandex blend, 95 and five percent, respectively. The fit never feels confining, but it helps in the struggle against a common enemy of male golfers of a certain age, vanishing buttocks syndrome.

Other useful touches include extra-sturdy pockets to prevent punctures from tees and ball mark repair tools; and Velcro pocket closures on the back pockets – easier to negotiate than buttons and flaps. The coffee spilled on one leg got wicked right out of there as though it never happened.

Which is not to say that the new line isn’t designed with the all-important younger demographic in mind, and its shirts’ appeal is fundamentally the same as past iterations: simple, mostly symmetrical patterns in a tasteful color palette, with discreet logo and general lack of clutter.

Like the poly/cotton blend in some of Antigua’s new line, the net effect is a technologically updated nod to the traditional. Previous editions have survived numerous washings and still look good.

If prior experience also holds in the realm of my golf game, the shorts-generated improvement over the weekend will last roughly 10 days, then I’ll revert to form. Meanwhile, the Antigua shorts may be the last pair I ever need.

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