More Hotels Giving Out Signature Swag

Grand Hotel's "Touch of Softness" private label sleep experience is available through the hotel and Lansing's Capitol Bedding.

Grand Hotel’s “Touch of Softness” private label sleep experience is available through the hotel and Lansing’s Capitol Bedding.

Your hotel room is coming home with you. At least some of it is. And more than just the little shampoo and bottles you compulsively stash away and abscond with for your guest bathroom at home. The hotel industry is increasingly seeking to create an ongoing relationship with guests by sending items home with them.

Fairmont Hotel guests, for instance, so enjoy the disconcerting, mysterious aroma of Le Labo Rose 31, the in-room shampoo, conditioner and soap amenities, they purchase full bottles or order them after a stay by logging on to “We are convinced that Fairmont clients will remember their stay for all the good reasons plus a new and addictive Fairmont olfactive signature,” say the creators of Le Labo.

Want sweet dreams of Mackinac Island’s lilacs, geraniums and fudge? “Grand Hotel Touch of Softness” private label bedding, complete with the green, Grand Hotel logo on the corner of the mattress, can be ordered while on the island or by calling Capitol Bedding, in Lansing, at 517-321-3932. You can visit the store’s website at

“People who visit Grand Hotel come away with wonderful memories and a personal attachment to the hotel,” says Capitol Bedding’s Bill Beuerle. “They want to relive that comfortable experience every night in their own home, too.” Capitol Bedding has been family owned since 1946 and each mattress and springs are hand made in Michigan.

As a complimentary amenity, all Peninsula Hotels often gives young children its “Peter Bear,” an adorable teddy bear dressed in the distinctive uniform of a Peninsula Page. “They are also available for guests who book children’s afternoon tea,” says Peninsula spokesperson Stacy Lewis. “The bears can also be purchased at the ‘Pen Boutique’ – $12 for small; $20 for large.” It is likely that guests will run into a larger than life Peter Bear in costume during their stay.

If you get so wrapped up in your luxurious Four Seasons hotel robe that you simply must take it, do heed the signs that suggest the hotel will have to charge you should it make its’ way into your suitcase. For a less guilty version of that guilty pleasure, visit, since they produce robes for Four Seasons and plenty of other hotel companies plus major celebrities, including Harrison Ford and Oprah Winfrey. Robeworks will monogram your robe, deliver it, and make sure you have the perfect fit up to 5xl, so you can feel like you’re at Four Seasons even at home.

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