Tiger Ends Up A Pussycat In Fall Series

Living in Las Vegas, there was a lot of buzz when it was rumored that Tiger might be playing in a Fall Series event. People who work in the golf community here were foolish enough to think that he might choose to play in the event where he won his first PGA Tour event…now known as the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open. So when he finally announced on his web page that he chose instead to play in the Fry’s event the week after the Vegas event, it was a HUGE slap in the face that only someone like Mike Tyson could deliver.

After all, Tiger Woods owes Las Vegas. He owes this town for the way he gets treated whenever he sneaks into town. Where else would people keep it on the “QT” that Tiger was here. Where else would hotels go out of their way to full-fill his every whim. Where else could he have collected his “stable” of women…some of whom he helped make famous while others he made rich. Mmm, maybe that’s it. Maybe Tiger might feel some guilt and embarrassment if he played golf  here. Maybe he’d be uncomfortable seeing hoards of women lining the fairways…all of whom were ex-girlfriends. Maybe he’d feel funny seeing signs in the gallery that said,”Tiger, I’m a hostess at one of the hottest new clubs in town. Please visit.”

I guess after all, this town would conjure up a lot of demons for Tiger. Maybe the biggest demon of all, though, would be, heaven forbid, not making the cut because of  the state of his game on a course that yields more birdies and sub-par rounds then losers at the craps table. I can understand Tiger wanting to play in an event that’s new and different. He can still do that here in Las Vegas. Try being faithful, Tiger. That would be new and different.

Dennis Silvers



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