Hola Halito and Mama Juana

La Cana miixologist Rafael presents the Halito

No one works up a thirst like a Golf Road Warrior, especially after a day of sporting life that includes 18 holes of golf on Dye Links, shooting skeets and a ridiculously rousing match of donkey polo. (See Jeff Neuman’s story titled “Does this burro make me look fat?).

In the name of research some of us have sipped our way through the Casa de Campo cocktail list under the tutelage of Rafael Correro, mixologist at the Cana bar.

But we warriors needed a drink to call our own. Hal Phillips suggested the addition of passion fruit to the mojito and behold, the “Halito” (not to be confused with halitosis) was born  (see recipe below).

The Halito (makes one Hal of a drink)

seeds from one small  passion fruit

2 oz white rum

handful of fresh mint leaves

2 tbsp sugar

splash of soda water


Muddle sugar, mint and rum in bottom of a glass. Add ice and top with a splash of soda water. Serve with a sprig of mint, a generous squeeze of lime.


I’ll take the credit for discovering the Dominican’s answer to Viagra. They call it Mama Juana and it’s a secret blend of herbs, bark and roots marinated in a bottle of rum, red wine and honey that’s purported to be an aphrodisiac.  It’s also supposed to have health benefits that include liver cleansing. I’m taking a bottle home.

Jenny introduces us to the Dominican Viagra and liver cleanser, all in one bottle



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