The Phenomenal Phoenician

The Golf Road Warriors arrived safe and sound at The Phoenician in enough time to change shoes and zoom to the first tee. What a great day, as the weather was fantastic and the golf course was superb–lush, manicured and very inviting. Everyone had a great time playing and the atmosphere was very conducive to just enjoying the day and everyone’s company, with the usual ration of ribbing. Post-round we hit the 19th hole prior to dinner–which will be highlighted in another post.

The grounds at The Phoenician are majestic. Beautiful architecture, beautiful flowers everywhere. If you like fountains when you stay at a resort, then this is the place for you. The staff were all extremely polite and accomodating. Lots of people from all over the world come here to play golf on the great 27-hole layout, and there are things for every non-golfing member of the family to do. Being on a golf trip, I naturally will concentrate on that and give you other posts about some of  the great amenities they have for the golfer in the family. All in all, just a great day with great guys.

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