The Psychology of Sand Traps

blue bunker backswing1croppedDanger! You have just landed in a bunker.  Sirens blaring, your blood pressure is rising and the voice in your head is warning that the apocalypse will begin with your next golf shot. . .

Stop!  You are in a fluffy little sand trap that resembles the beach, or a miniature Zen garden if you prefer.  A “dangerous situation” is when you run with scissors in your hands.

The best bunker players are always fearless, courageous and confident.  Swing mechanics and a few set-up adaptations make it easy to achieve success, but mainly it’s a state of mind. There are 4-5 different techniques to hitting a good bunker shot.  None of them require a timid motion.

Be mentally and physically aggressive with your shots.  Leave the scissor running to the rebellious kids.

Dodie Mazzuca is the Director of Instruction at Troon Country Club in Scottsdale, AZ (Oct.-May) and teaches golf in Santa Cruz, CA (June-Sept.).  For more information about Dodie and her teaching schedule, visit


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