Bud Chapman’s Infamous 18 Holes front 9

Victoria Falls G. Cse.

No. 1 Victoria Falls Golf Course
168 Yards, Par 3
Handicap 7
Sir Peregrine Hunnicutt, O.K.E., one of golf’s patriarchs in Southwestern Africa, calls this “by all odds, one of the challenging holes in your part of the continent”. “The confident player may go for the green but the tee shot must be struck with crisp authority in order to avoid perhaps considerable inconvenience in the depths which separate the tee from the green”.

No. 2 Smokey Mountains Golf & Country Club
475 Yards, Par 5
Handicap 12
A truly lovely setting for a masterpiece of golf architecture, a testing hole which twists and undulates through a lovely pine forest and fascinating rock formations. On a clear day the breathtaking scenery itself is a distraction as is the back of the mind thought that an unsuccessful approach shot could lead to a lengthy fourth from the valley below.

Redwood Forest G. Cse.

No. 3 Redwood Forest Golf Course
535 Yards, Par 5
Handicap 16
There is nothing devious about this hole. It is an honest, straightforward challenge to both distance and accuracy. Despite its formidable appearance, however, the atmosphere is conducive to success. The mighty 2000-year-old trees block wind and other distractions, and in their company the determined player cannot but help feel strong and capable.

Grand Canyon C.C.

No. 4 Grand Canyon Country Club
287 Yards, Par 4
Handicap 9
Short and straight, but nevertheless demanding. The long hitter can gain the green with his drive and indeed there has been some argument among the arrogant as to whether a slight left to right fade is preferable to a straight right to left draw. However, most play two irons to the green and are satisfied with par and an occasional birdie.

Big Sur G. & C.C.

No. 5 Big Sur Golf and Country Club
311 Yards, Par 4
Handicap 8
Although it does not present a particularly demanding appearance, this hole can be intimidating. One must close one’s ears to the noisome winds that shriek unpredictably through rocky outcroppings, and to the guttural roaring of surging tides. The tee shot most be exquisitely timed, and the hole played with a fast paced courage.

Fujiyama Gardens C.C.

No. 6 Fujiyama Gardens Country Club
290 Yards, Par 4
Handicap 17
Sir Pererine Hunnicutt calls this “one of the world’s most enchanting holes, a reason in itself for visiting Japan.” While it demands thoughtful precision, it is indeed, with its variegated colors and mirror-like pools, a delightfully releasing experience, so much so that it has yielded more pars than any of the other holes.

Desert Winds Municipal G. Cse.

No. 7 Desert Winds Municipal Golf Course
39 Yards, Par 3
Handicap 5
Short but deceptively difficult, involving a 682 yard descent through often dramatic changes in temperature and winds. Indeed, the weather factor can be absolutely damnable making club selection difficult and crucial. Depending on wind direction, tee shots may be stroked lightly with a putter or thunderously with a driver, The imbedded ball applies on this hole.

Mauna Pele C.C.

No. 8 Mauna Pele Country Club
435 Yards, Par 4
Handicap 11
Hawaii may be paradise to many, but many’s the golfer who know this hole as “The Jaws of Hell.” Fiery destruction awaits on all sides for the errant shot. But the bold drive that is well struck directly toward the furnace can catch strong updrafts which actually can carry it to the green. Balls that are scorched and heated out-of-round may be replaced.

St. Ian's Imperial & Ancient G. Cse.

No. 9 St. Ian’s Imperial & Ancient Golf Course
687 Yards, Par 5
Handicap 3
A stern finish to one of the world’s legendary courses. There is little to say that is not readily apparent. Great distance, great accuracy and great finesse are crucial. The green, 160 feet above the sea, sits cheek by jowl with a 600-year-old clubhouse that was once a Scottish Stronghold. The hole has yielded but three birdies in four centuries.

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