Quantum Grip can help some golfers

Golfers with limited hand strength will be able to hold a golf club more securely with the new Quantum Grip, developed by occupational therapist Patrick Pinkart following his own spinal cord injury that affected him personally.

The special golf grip is designed with a recessed spiral groove that houses hook Velcro such that the hooks are discreetly flush with the surface. The companion golf glove contains the mating loop material throughout the palm.

“The grip will just not twist in your hands,” Pinkart said. “Golfers with arthritis, or gripping problems due to normal aging or injury, and one-handed golfers gain far more control, comfort and gripping power. The numerous benefits of the Quantum Grip include less fatigue, no club twisting or slippage, better accuracy, and greater self-confidence. Golfers also learn to relax excess tension in their grip and free up their swing. It’s also very effective when playing in cold or wet weather conditions.”

Golfers new to the game can learn the important fundamentals of proper hand position, grip pressure, and quickly develop muscle memory while golfers who might have had to give up playing because of hand injury, arthritis or age-related weakness, can now return to the game they love with the Quantum Grip.

“There’s no straps, wraps, or gadgets,” added Pinkart..” You simply grip the club and swing normally. The 2-piece system looks like any standard golf glove and grip. The grips can easily be installed on golfers’ existing clubs.”

PGA professional Billy Gibbs, who also has a radio show, noted, “This is a great training aide for healthy hands, and players who squeeze the club too tightly. Some golfers slice, chances are they’re holding the club too tightly. Golfers who practice with this and gain confidence to ease up on grip force, can fix a slice. I promise you, this is a great, great system!”

“This is the best product I’ve ever seen. One of the benefits of being in the golf business is to see the passion of golfers and the various inventions they come up with to help improve golfer’s games. This product not only improves golfer’s games, but it improves their lives.”

Dave Schimandle, owner of Slick Stix Custom Clubs, added,, “As a clubfitter/builder, this invention fills a void I’ve been trying to fill for over 30 years. Quantum Grip is IT when it comes to players that have arthritis, weakness or pain while gripping a golf club. It’s also a great training aid for ALL players!”

PGA pro  Jim DeLaby III noted the Quantum Grip allowed him to actually feel what is called ‘the lag.’ He said, “ I can retain my wrist angle on the downswing and snap the club-face through impact. My grip is on there so strong, and so secure, that I am able to relax my wrists for the first time, and not worry about them. This will revolutionize teaching. I honestly gained 25 yards my first swing!”

Dave Schimandle, who works with a lot of the long drive professionals, claimed, “ One of the biggest things I work with them on is to loosen up their grip to free up their swing, gain more clubhead speed, and swing much faster and harder. The Quantum Grip will help them learn this.”

Necessity, The Mother of Invention strikes again with the Quantum Grip! This time many golfers will benefit!

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