Etiquette tips when flying

After a recent airplane trip to Las Vegas, I thought maybe it might be helpful to share some proper etiquette. First, the guy in front of me reclined his seat and smashed by knees. Then someone from back in the plane—guess he had a connecting flight—fought his way through others to try and get off quicker.

• When reclining my seat, I always try to do it slowly and gently, sometimes only going back half way as this does limit use of the tray table by the person behind you,

•Wait patiently in your seat until it is your row’s turn to exit the plane.

•Don’t grab the seat in front of you when getting up from your seat.

•Carry your bag in front of you when you walk down the aisle getting on the plane.

•Don’t grab then first overhead bin; store your carry-on above your seat.

•If seated on an aisle or window, share the armrest and lean in that direction to give the guy in the middle a little breathing room.

•Check with others on your row when you put the window shade up or leave it open.

•While not always possible, consider leaving to use the bathroom when others in your row do.

•Use the head phones for electronic devices.

•Offer polite chat with your seatmates, but not if it appears they might be reading or doing some work.

•Use your indoor voice and do not get too loud.

On another note, it seems from the news that some crews are creating more problems than the passengers.

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