Miura To Russia, With Love

The new Miura Passing Point irons that feature pin-point balance.

Japanese golf-club manufacturer Miura Golf – – which has been making the world’s highest-quality forged irons for 44 years and is rapidly gaining an increasingly large following in the United States – – recently announced its first  dealership in Russia.  StudioGolf, which was founded in 2010 by owner Viacheslav Bocharov, will fit and adjust the Miura clubs at an indoor golf center in the Luzhniki sports complex, located in the center of Moscow.

The upscale segment of the Russian economy has shown clear and steady growth over the past decade.  The so-called oligarch’s and their well-compensated colleagues have developed a decided taste for luxury goods, and especially high-performance sporting equipment.  As has been reported here in stories about Miura Master Clubfitter David Butler and the company’s new line of Passing Point-9300 irons, the superior quality of Miura forgings, especially in the hands of a master fitter, is unsurpassed.

“We’re glad to have a Miura dealer in Russia,” says Adam Barr, President of Miura Golf Inc. and Miura Golf U.S.A. Inc. “It just confirms what we’ve seen about interest in golf growing around the world. It makes sense that many of those who are interested would seek the finest equipment they can get, and would want to have it custom-fitted by a dedicated dealer such as Viacheslav and his staff.”

While StudioGolf’s strategy is to offer Russian golfers only the highest-quality products and services, it also intends to make golf more affordable, especially to entry level players. To that end, it introduced free children’s golf lessons this past winter in an attempt to break golf’s stereotype as an elite sport.  “We were delighted to become the first Miura dealer in Russia, as Miura’s philosophy fits perfectly with our own philosophy,” says Bocharov, a longtime golf enthusiast. “We are working on increasing the awareness of Miura golf clubs here in Russia and, from what I see, a number of serious Russian golfers have already shown genuine interest in Miura’s world-famous craftsmanship.”

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